How to Install Nokia 3310 Snake Apple eating game inside the new iPhone

 The Nokia 3310 was once the dominant phone in the tech world. The Nokia 3310 was the best of all. The face of this phone is starting to show up on the new iPhone screen again. With the release of iOS 14, many features have come to the iPhone screen. Users can change the iPhone screen with the help of new features and apps. 

Nokia 3310 Snake Apple eating game in iphone

 iOS 14 has the ability to include dynamic widgets and fold apps into folders. The screen widget for the Nokia 3310 is also available on the iPhone with the app called Retro Widget. 

Called the Retro Widget, this iOS app allows you to add some unique widgets to the home screen of Apple devices running the latest iOS 14 and iPodOS 14. The latest iOS 14 gives users the option to customize their home screens. Users can customize the widgets in the app and then use the widget gallery to add it to the screen. 

 Retro gives a different face to the iPhone home screen. As on the screen of the Nokia 3310, you can see the battery status, network status of the device and the current time. You can already play the Snake game using this widget. This app has only 4.5 MB, and it  costs  $1.99 to download from the App Store.

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