The best and easiest way to reset Ubuntu password.


Reset Ubuntu Password With In Minutes ! 

Did you forgot your Ubuntu password or somebody changed it? don't worry, you can simply reset the password by performing the steps provided below. There are lot of method to reset the password with and with out using third party software. Here, i am sharing you a simple step for recovering the password without any helps of software.


Steps for Resetting Ubuntu Password With Ubuntu Recovery Manager


Step: 1  Boot into the recovery manager

  • Power on the machine
  • Go to the grub menu as shown in fig 1(Normally it appears on boot. If not appearing then press Shift key or Esc)
    Ubuntu password reset
    Fig: 1 Grub Menu

  • Select advance option from grub menu.
  • Select Recovery mode 
Ubuntu password hack
Fig: 2 Recovery mode

Step: 2 Drop to root shell prompt

  • Select root Drop to root shell prompt from the recovery menu.

Ubuntu Password hack
Fig: 3 Recovery Menu

Step: 3 Mount the root with write access

  • Use the command below to get write access for root.

mount -rw -o remount /

Step: 4 Resetting the password

  • Now type the command given below to get the list of users
ls /home
  • Based on the command you can see the list of users. Now select the username for resetting password by the command given below.
passwd username         (Replace "username" with your name)

This command prompts to enter new password. Type your new password and enter.

Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
Done! Your new password is applied for the user. Now you can exit the recovery manger by the command given below.
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